Aluminium lake food colours


Aluminium lakes are pseudo-pigments formed by the precipitation of a substance such as a synthetic, water-soluble food dye with aluminium hydroxide in the form of an aluminium salt.
Lakes are almost insoluble in water and can be processed like pigments, i.e. they are easily dispersible in fatty media or dry mixtures.

They are stable at pH 4 to 6, and in general are more resistant to light and heat than the dyes from which they are obtained. Their shelf-life ranges from 24 to 36 months.

At present EU legislation allows aluminium lake colours obtained from authorised natural and synthetic dyes to be used in foods and other areas of application only if they are named explicitly in the authorisation.

Quote: “Regulation (EU) No 380/2012 of the Commission amending Annex II of the Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the conditions of use and the use levels for aluminium-containing food additives has considerably restricted the authorisation of aluminium-containing food additives for reasons of consumer protection. A number of provisions of this Regulation became applicable on
1. February 2014.
The provisions of Regulation (EU) No 380/2012 relating to aluminium lakes of colours are applicable from
1. August 2014 onwards. Aluminium lakes may then be used pursuant to the specific provisions of the Regulation only in the production of foods in the categories listed here: 01.4, 01.7.3, 01.7.5, 03,, 05.2, 05.3, 05.4, 07.2, 08.2.1, 08.2.2, 08.2.3, 09.3, 10.1, 10.2, 12.2.2, 12.6, 14.1.4, 15.1, 16, 17.1 and 17.3.
Applications have been submitted to the European Commission for extension of the authorisation of aluminium lakes of dyes. No decisions have yet been made on these applications.”

Areas of application:
Pharmaceuticals including dragées
Food supplements including effervescent tablets
Foods including fine baked goods and confectionery
Cosmetics including decorative products and care products

Aluminium lakes of synthetic dyes

Colour sample  E - number Product name Color Index N° Color Index names Solubility / Quality POWDER Standard Concentration min.% GRAN Standard Concentration %
E 102 Tartrazine Lake 19140:1 C.I.Pigment Yellow 100 2.) 3.)
E 104 Quinoline Yellow Lake 47005:1 C.I.Pigment Yellow 115 2.) 3.)
E 110 Sunset Yellow Lake 15985:1 C.I.Pigment Yellow 104 2.) 3.)
E 122 Azorubine Lake 14720:1 2.) 3.)
E 123 Amaranth Lake 16185:1 2.) 3.)
E 124 Ponceau 4R Lake 16255:1 2.) 3.)
E 127 Erythrosine Lake 45430:1 C.I.Pigment Red 172 2.) 3.)
E 129 Allura Red Lake 16035:1 2.) 3.)
E 131 Patent Blue V Lake 42051:1 2.) 3.)
E 132 Indigotine Lake 73015:1 2.) 3.)
E 133 Brilliant Blue FCF Lake 42090:2 2.) 3.)
E 151 Brilliant Black PN Lake 28440:1 2.) 3.)

The colours shown in the table are approximate.
Notes:   1.) Water soluble   2.) Dispersible   3.) Various concentrations available upon request.   4.) Available in a range of qualities.   X Details available upon request.
All the food colours offered except E120 meet kosher requirements.